Easy Five-Minute Mindfulness For Your Five-Year-Old

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 13 May 2020

Easy Five-Minute Mindfulness For Your Five-Year-Old

Mindfulness has become a popular buzzword in our stressed-out society. As a busy mum, you might be familiar with how a few deep breaths or a walk outside can help you focus and keep your cool. Did you know that mindfulness can help your five-year-old too?

Let’s find out how mindfulness can help your child embrace calmness while still having some childlike fun.

Mindfulness at Around Age Five

Life with a five-year-old is never boring. Your child is likely bursting with energy and might be a little “emotional” at times. This can be normal as young children go through phases as they learn to navigate their world.

To adapt to the new stressors that children might face, we can encourage them to develop a daily mindfulness habit. Mindfulness can even be a great way to engage the whole family in calm and relaxed fun.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is simply the act of paying attention. Through mindful games and exercises, we can help[2] children manage their thoughts, emotions, and energy while also giving them the tools to develop to help with stress as they grow up.

Precious Balloons: A Five-Minute Mindfulness Game

Do your child’s eyes gleam with delight every time they see a balloon? These big, bright objects are often fascinating to a young child which makes them a great way to engage in this mindfulness exercise. In the Precious Balloons ame, we pair the joy of balloons with mindful movement and relaxing focus.

How to Play

  • Blow up a balloon (or one for each child) and tell your child that this is a delicate, fragile, precious balloon.
  • Instruct and demonstrate that the aim of the game is to keep the balloon off the ground, but only by moving and touching the balloon slowly and gently.
  • It can also help if they imagine that they’ve been put under a spell and can only move in slow motion.
  • Play some soothing instrumental music and see if they can keep the balloon off the ground for the length of the song.

The game of Precious Balloons is a great way to engage and teach five your olds the ways of mindfulness. It can help create a calm and soothing mindset which while have immediate and long-term benefits.

Written by Kaitlan D.

As well as a writer with a passion for education, Kaitlan works in a wellness practice, working with mothers, mothers-to-be and hopeful mothers.


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