Exercise: How To Prepare A Woman’s Body For Baby

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 18 May 2020

Exercise: How To Prepare A Woman’s Body For Baby

Weekly exercise is a great way to keep your body in good shape while boosting your energy levels. Before you become pregnant, it is good to make a habit of this. In this article, we will focus on how to exercise to prepare your body for a baby.

Often a GP or physician will advise against starting any new workout routines during pregnancy. This is why getting into a habit before pregnancy is a smart move. It is best to consult with your preferred qualified medical professional about what exercise is best for you before and during pregnancy.

Let’s look at three general guidelines about how to approach exercises. Then let’s look at three basic exercises you can do regularly. Bonus: you can use all of these suggestions before and during pregnancy.

Three Guidelines for Approaching Exercise

  1. The number one and most important theme is to listen to your body and consult your obstetrician or gynaecologist. While it is generally considered safe to exercise for all nine months, it may become increasingly more difficult as your belly continues to grow and your balance becomes unsteady.
  2. A second guideline is to keep water handy. Hydration is critical before and during pregnancy to make sure you are alert. Water also helps regulate your body temperature and helps to avoid headaches from dehydration.
  3. And third, always make sure that throughout your workout, you can talk and breathe normally. Some mums may even sing to make sure they have enough breath and haven’t exhausted themselves. While you’re pregnant, it is not the time to try to beat your PB, but more to feel more in touch and in line with your body.

Three Suggested Exercises

  1. Walking for 30 minutes a day may not only satisfy your daily workout but keep your heart healthy and your body moving. Since walking is such a low non-strenuous workout, it is considered to be one of the safest exercises a woman can perform. It is also free, mostly accessible to everyone, and can be done indoors or outside — making this a fan favourite. Be sure to practice social distancing here.
  2. Swimming, while also a low impact exercise, is not always an option for everyone. It is great for women who may be experiencing aches and pains for those who do have this outlet since it doesn’t require any weight-bearing. It can also help women cool off on hot days.
  3. Kegels is the six-letter word that starts with a k and is thrown around frequently when discussing pregnancy — and rightfully so. This exercise can indeed be done anywhere, anytime. It helps to engage your pelvic floor, which may come in handy throughout your pregnancy, during labour, and after you give birth. In short, you want to squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine. Quick, easy, and effective.

Staying active is always a good thing before and during pregnancy. You can set yourself up with a simple approach and some basic exercises. You will be better physically and mentally, and your body will be better prepared for when the baby arrives.


Written by Chelsea D.

Chelsea is a mum of one and pregnant with another. She writes about pregnancy, parenting, and body positivity.

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