Fifteen-Month-Old Baby: Sleeping And Eating

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 15 May 2020

Fifteen-Month-Old Baby: Sleeping And Eating

What are the milestones to expect with your fifteen-month-old in terms of food and sleep? Can these change from the patterns you have seen over the recent months?

A month in the world of a baby means there are always new things to learn. In this article, we explore possible changes with their food and sleep.

The majority of babies are transitioned to a solid food diet and whole milk around their one-year birthday. By the time they reach fifteen months, it is the new normal for mums or dads to prepare meals.

But what happens if your usual happy-eater becomes picky and refuses certain foods? This is an incredibly common problem that parents around the world face with their children. It starts as early as fifteen months and can last on and off until they are around three.

Here are some creative techniques that are pretty different from each other to help you navigate around a baby’s changing approach to food:

  • Stick to what your baby loves; pickiness is not the time to introduce new foods.
  • Throw out the old meal plan and start fresh.
  • If possible, try and sit down as a family and eat meals together.
  • Teach your baby the different types of fruit and vegetables they are eating. If they get excited about knowing their names, they may be more inclined to eat.

Whatever you try, a routine is key in helping them normally eat again. Continue to offer your baby three meals a day and two snacks.

Fortunately, not much should change in the realm of sleep, except they may be moving away from two naps a day to one longer nap. This one nap should lap around one to two hours, but if it lasts longer, that is okay too. At night there may be some random wake-ups, but as a whole, the sleep should remain eleven hours.

The journey of your baby to toddlerhood is truly on its way. Just when you think there is a routine, changes may come along. Being prepared and creative can help you move through these changes – just in time for the next one.

Written by Chelsea D.

Chelsea is a mum of one and pregnant with another. She writes about pregnancy, parenting, and body positivity.

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