Five Morning Mantras For A Happier Eight-Year-Old

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 18 May 2020

Five Morning Mantras For A Happier Eight-Year-Old

How does your eight-year-old wake up in the morning? Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or grumpy and irritable? No matter what kind of attitude you’re dealing with come sunrise, the morning is a valuable time to set the mood for the day.

Morning mantras are an easy and enjoyable activity for children and adults. A mantra is a powerful phrase, sentence, or word that evokes a feeling of connection and hope in the person who says it. They can be simple, but effective ways to set a positive tone for the day and help your child overcome moodiness, boost their self-esteem[1], or tackle a difficult challenge.

Should you be worried about the mood and feelings of your child, it is recommended that you seek professional health advice.

The following morning mantras are great for eight-year-olds because they help to encourage self-confidence. In addition, many mantras can also boost concentration and social connectivity.

Five Morning Mantras for a Happier 8-Year-Old

1. I am thankful. Taking a moment to feel thankful is a wonderful way to welcome in a new day. Your child can repeat “I am thankful” while thinking, or listing out loud, what they are most thankful for.

2. I am the pond. Let your child imagine a pond with many fish. There is a happy fish, a sad fish, a tired fish, a scared fish, maybe even an angry fish. Observe the fish, notice the fish, watch them swim to and fro. But remember we are not the fish, just as we are not our emotions. We are the pond – still, peaceful, and calm.

3. I believe in me. By age eight, children are developing a stronger sense of self and self-worth. “Believing” in oneself can help a child take on new challenges and step slightly outside their comfort zone to grow.

4. I try my best, and my best is enough. Encouragement and praise help grow a child’s self-confidence, but so does understanding that trying your best is just as good as succeeding, even when things don’t go as planned.

5. My challenges help me grow. Eight-year-olds are up against new challenges every day. Avoid the trap of perfectionism, observing problems as ways to grow can be incredibly empowering for a child.

Written by Kaitlan D.

As well as a writer with a passion for education, Kaitlan works in a wellness practice, working with mothers, mothers-to-be and hopeful mothers.


[1] PBS For Parents. Helping Your Eight-Year-Old Develop Independence and Self-Confidence. 2020

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