How To Take On An Action Mindset

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 12 Jun 2019

How To Take On An Action Mindset

Sisu is a Finnish concept that has been around for 500 years. The concept of Sisu is to overcome adversity and harness inner strength and determination. Though it’s not to be mistaken with perseverance and grit, the Finnish describe it as an extraordinary act of psychological strength.

“It’s about not seeing a silver lining in the clouds, and yet jumping into the storm anyway.” Emilia Lahti

Take on an Action Mindset

An action mindset involves taking on challenges that seem to be out of reach, making bold decisions and pushing yourself out of comfort and familiarity. Most of us shy away from the big risks or opportunities that life can bring, preferring to cling to the secure and stable. As humans we often fear the unknown and are always looking for possible threats that may arise. But by adopting an action mindset we can attempt to rewire that overly cautious area in our brain and push toward the greater outcome regardless of the consequences, seeing any failures that may arise as a way to grow and evolve as opposed to a set-back.

Ways to shift your mindset into action include:

Overcoming Adversity

Recall a time when you’ve had to face challenges that you didn’t think you’d overcome. Think back to the strength and courage it took and how you faced it head on. Remembering those times can bring that reassurance to the front of your mind that you are capable of overcoming what you once thought were impossible feats.

Fail Fast

Learning from your mistakes is one of the best ways to not only transform your thinking but to also build that underlying muscle of resilience. Failing will lead you to learn a lesson and to gain more knowledge about what you could have done differently. The only way to fail fast is to try as much as you can.