Over 55? A Gym Membership Can Help (When Things Return To “Normal”)

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 11 May 2020

Over 55? A Gym Membership Can Help (When Things Return To “Normal”)

While gyms are temporarily restricted due to COVID-19 restrictions, when things return to the new normal, maintaining a healthy regime will be as important as ever. A gym membership could be part of that regime.

Some people may have an image of gyms as a place full of young, muscle-bound men and women that hit the weights hard. However, gyms these days are much more diverse and open places where everyone can benefit. You are likely to find friendly staff willing to help you develop a personal routine and show you how to use the various machines.

Of course, you can avoid the gym and exercise outside but gyms have the advantage of allowing you to exercise regardless of what the weather is doing. So why is it worth having a gym membership to maintain health?

Below are some points to consider. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional to help determine the best type of physical activities for your current state of health.

Resistance Training

As men age, muscle mass starts to decrease. The result is a reduced ability to support your body, less core strength, and even an increased likelihood of falls. A fall can result in broken bones, which leads to more complications.

Resistance training, which is exercises with resistance bands, using your body weight, or using the weights machine, helps to counteract this issue. In effect, it should allow you to retain muscle, which will improve your quality of life as you age. Gyms typically offer resistance training with bands and other forms of equipment.


There is a lot of evidence that regular exercise that gets a sweat up can improve your cardiovascular health, and even burn fat. Both of these have been shown to reduce the risk of contracting age-related diseases[1] for men over 55 years old.

Being able to undertake cardiovascular exercise regardless of the weather is a clear advantage of a gym. Another advantage is that exercise machines are generally designed to enable cardio workouts while also protecting your joints and bones from impacts that unsupported exercise may cause.

Social Connections

Social connections are very important for mental health and overall well-being[2] and regular visits to a gym can introduce you to a community of like-minded people. So while visiting your gym can be about improving physical health, you may also reap the benefits of social engagement. Staying social activity is both enjoyable and shown to reduce the likelihood of age-related health issues.

There are lots of reasons for us older men to consider joining a gym. Regular visits can help you to stay healthy through exercise and social contact. That’s likely to improve your quality of life as you age.

Written by Nathan C.
Nathan is passionate about fitness, including researching and writing about it.


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