These Celebrities Are All Renowned Snorers

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 18 Dec 2019

These Celebrities Are All Renowned Snorers

After all, they’re only human.

Tom Cruise

It’s alleged that the Hollywood movie star is a monster snorer. During his previous marriage to Katie Holmes, it’s understood that he turned his spare bedroom into a soundproof ‘snoratorium’ so she could sleep undisturbed by his night time noises.

Guy Ritchie

The Hollywood legend has confessed to his noisy night time habits. Apparently it played a part in the breakdown of his marriage to Madonna.

Kevin Jonas

It’s alleged that Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle sleep in separate beds on account of his snoring.

Prince Harry

When HRH shared a room with his brother during military service, Prince William struggled to stay asleep throughout the night. In fact, Prince William once told People Magazine, “he snores a lot. He keeps me up all night long!”. Poor Meghan…


We’ve all had to endure a noisy seat neighbour asleep on a long haul flight. Unfortunately for the first class passengers sat within earshot of pop star Rihanna on an American Airlines flight from Miama to LA, it wasn’t going to be a peaceful journey.

She boarded the plane before all other passengers but was sound asleep by the time the plane took off. Rihanna later issued a public apology to all passengers who were forced to endure the sound of her snoring.

Shaquille O’Neal

The NBA legend has worked hard to raise public awareness of the potential risk associated with snoring. He took part in a sleep study at the Harvard Division of Sleep Medicine and was diagnosed with sleep apnoea, a dangerous sleep disorder that often goes undiagnosed.

Sleep apnoea affects over one million Australians (that’s 5% of adults) and pose a serious health risk. When the walls of the throat come together during sleep, the upper airway becomes blocked, leading to a halt in breathing and a panicked signal from the brain to wake the person up.

Loud gasping snores can be a common indicator you may have sleep apnoea. If you regularly share a bed with someone notorious for night time noises, give their snores a closer listen — many people living with sleep apnoea have no idea!

If you’re concerned you or your partner may be suffering from sleep apnoea, speak to a Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist. They’ll run you through an easy, home sleep test called a ‘polysomnogram’ or ‘sleep study’. With the appropriate equipment, you can monitor your blood oxygen levels, brain activity, heart rate and breathing. The results will be emailed to your doctor, so it’s easy to follow up!

For more information on developing healthy habits, including a solid sleep routine, drop into your local Blooms The Chemist.

By Rebecca O’Malley