Things To Do While You’re In Self-Isolation

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 16 Apr 2020

Things To Do While You’re In Self-Isolation

While Netflix may be the first port of call when you’re stuck at home isolating, there are numerous ways to keep yourself and your family entertained as you stay home.

Learn Something New

While there is no requirement to be productive during this unusual situation we have all found ourselves in, we may as well make the most of it and learn something new. Coursea is a great tool for building a wide range of skills. Their courses range from ancient philosophy to graphic design and come from reputable universities and are often free of charge.

Learning a second language is often at the top of most people’s lists of things they want to achieve. Now you have the chance to brush up on your Spanish or Hungarian with an array of apps at your disposable. Duolingo is a popular option that condenses teaching into bite sized lessons and games, perfect to keep you entertained while learning. Babbel is another great option where students have opportunities to gain skills in reading, writing, grammar and speaking.

Reading is a great way to escape, letting time pass as you sink into an imaginary world or another time. Check out your local library’s website as they often have links to eBooks or audio books which you can rent.

Keep your brain firing with these brain training apps that are a perfect distraction from Netflix. Elevate and Lumosity are great choices that are designed to improve your memory, focus and problem solving skills.


Seeing as socialising can’t be face to face, for now we need to get creative. Set up a video chat for your kids to have play dates with their friends or grab some chocolate and set up a quiz night over video chat with your own friends. You can even stream a workout online and exercise with a friend.


Don’t let your creative juices go to waste when there are heaps of ideas to keep you occupied. Plant some veggies and start your own garden, whether that be in an old cut out milk carton or in a proper garden bed.

Have you been meaning to write a book but just haven’t found the time? Start now, whether that be 10 minutes per day or two hours, a little bit helps and sooner or later you’ll have a bestseller on your hands.

If you’re not feeling productive then that’s completely okay too. Taking time to relax and unwind is important in these times.