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Jan 15, 2020

Feeling burnt out? It might be time to take a break.

There’s no denying it. Stress can wear you down mentally and can have a physical impact on your body. It’s linked to high blood pressure, poor sleep, low energy, headaches and a weakened immune system.

The first step to controlling your stress is recognising the symptoms.

You’re not sleeping well

Sleep is a fickle mistress. Anyone who has ever had trouble sleeping will know the frustration felt in the wee hours of the morning as you lie awake staring at the ceiling.

A lack of sleep can lead to an impaired memory which in turn, can affect your performance at work or school. Tiredness is also linked to lifestyle habits considered unhealthy which can lead to increased blood pressure.

If you’re missing out on necessary sleep, do yourself a favour and take some time off.

You’re struggling to concentrate

Distraction is all too common when you’re burnt out. Take frequent breaks to give your brain the opportunity to recharge. It’ll allow your mind to absorb more information and work more efficiently.

Everything is becoming a bit too much

While it’s definitely healthy to acknowledge and process your emotions, sometimes things can push you to breaking point. However important that deadline is, take the time to check in on your mental health.

Talk to your teachers, bosses, parents, friends, doctor or pharmacist about the best way to manage your stress levels. They can help you take the necessary steps to taking some time out. Your pharmacist will also help you manage the physical symptoms of stress.

Stress is linked to high blood pressure, which can be indicative of further health concerns. A quick and painless blood pressure evaluation test at your local Blooms The Chemist will give you peace of mind.

Your pharmacist will also ask some questions about your lifestyle. This will help gauge your potential risk. They will also help you understand what the numbers mean and give you advice on how to have a happy and healthy 2020.
Written by Rebecca O’Malley

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