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Aug 01, 2019

Practicing daily meditation can help in all areas of your life, reportedly lowering stress, depression and improving immune function. [1] We’ve listed some of the best meditation apps to help you incorporate more peace into your life.

Calm can help people lower their stress levels with guided meditations, breathing programs and sleep stories. The app covers a wide range of topics including deep sleep, happiness, breaking habits, forgiveness, and self-esteem. Sleep stories are intended to be played as bedtime stories to help you achieve a restful slumber. Some famous names have lent their voices to the stories section, including Stephen Fry, Leona Lewis and Matthew McConaughey.

Not to be confused with the national youth mental health foundation headspace, Headspace is an app that aims to improve the health and happiness of the world with meditation. Guided by co-founder and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe, Headspace offers exercises that implement aspects of both insight meditation and calming meditation, allowing listeners the chance to increase their awareness and compassion.
Smiling Mind

Developed by psychologists and educators to help incorporate more balance into people’s lives, Smiling Mind provides meditation programs that assist people who are dealing with the pressures and challenges of life. Their meditation programs not only cater to adults but also to children and adolescents, providing support for both the classroom and the workplace.

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