Elastoplast ABC Plaster 14 X 22cm - Single

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Key Features

  • High Heat
  • Long - Lasting, effective
  • For Temporary relief of back pain and muscular pain


General Product Description

ABC Plaster activates body heat and helps combats pain. The ideally matched combination of active principles derives form arnica and capsicum assists and accelerates the body's natural healing process.



Before applying the plaster, rub the skin well clean and dry over the painful area. The skin must be completly clean of any previously used linament. The active substances on the ABC plaster are distrubuted evenly , which means the plaster can be cut into a smaller shape if desired. Then peel off the release sheet, place the plaster in position , adhesive side down , press on well, and smooth it down all over. The painful area should be fully covered. ABC plaster should be left in place for as long as the pleasant sensation of warmth continues, but not for more than two days. To remove the plaster, lift up one corner and strip straight off. Any residue remaining on the skin can be wiped off with medical alchol or skin oil.
Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Should not be used by patient's intolerant of arnica or peppe preparations. Additional application of heat, for example by an electric heating pad or heat lamp, should be avoided. Do not stick the plaster over open wounds and bruises. Application should be uninterrupted if excessive burning is experienced. Allergic skin reactions and contact dermatitis have occasionally been reported following use of this plaster.