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Blood pressure is the pressure of blood against the walls of the arteries.

Even if you are in good health, you should check your blood pressure regularly; high blood pressure has virtually no symptoms. However, recent data indicate that in Australia 32% of men and 27% of women suffer from high blood pressure.

Fortunately testing blood pressure is quick, painless and easy.

Health Check Procedure

Blood Pressure should be taken when you are at rest. Your Pharmacist will fit an adjustable cuff around your upper arm (roughly at heart level); the cuff will inflate and stop the blood flow through the artery.

As the cuff deflates, blood begins to flow again and the machine measures the vibration in the arterial wall (systolic pressure). Diastolic pressure is measured when the blood flow is continuous and no longer creating a vibration against the arterial wall. Your Pharmacist will also ask you some questions relating to your lifestyle and blood pressure history.

The process should take around 5 minutes.

A blood pressure evaluation is quick, easy, and painless. Visit your local Blooms The Chemist for more information.