Micolette Micro Enema Tube 12pk

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General Product Description
Micolette Micro-Enema belongs to a group of laxatives which soften stools if you are constipated, by causing
water to be absorbed into the bowel. They also have a mild irritant action which causes you to have an urge to
empty your bowels soon after using it.

Micolette Micro-Enema may be used whenever an enema is necessary due to short term (acute) or long term
(chronic) constipation, by people of all ages, including the elderly and children of 3 years and older. It is also
used to promote emptying of the bowel for women at the start of labour.

Directions For Use
Always use the product exactly as your doctor has told you. You should check with your doctor or pharmacist
if you are not sure.
Micolette Micro-Enema is for administration to the back passage (rectum) only, and is not
recommended for children under 3 years of age.

• Usually you only need to use one tube, but if you have severe constipation, you might need two tubes.
• Carefully remove the cap from the end of the nozzle, then squeeze a drop of the liquid onto a finger
and smear it over the nozzle to lubricate it.
• Adults, insert the nozzle as far as it will go into the back passage, and squeeze the tube until it is
• Children aged 3 years and over, insert the nozzle for half its length only, and squeeze the tube
until it is empty.
• Dispose of the empty tube in the dustbin – do not flush it down the toilet.
• You will probably feel the urge to empty your bowels within a few minutes of taking Micolette, or
even straight away, but try to hold on for 10 or 15 minutes. This will give the enema enough time to
work properly.
• If you still do not feel an urge to empty your bowels after 20 minutes, you may need to use a second
tube of Micolette

Sodium citrate 90mg/ml, Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate 9mg/ml, Sorbitol 625mg/ml.