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Self Testing Rapid Antigen Testing Kit - 20 pack. COVID-19 Nasal Antigen Home Test Kit

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Testing in your hands with confidence and peace of mind
Secure now your Rapid Test Antigen Kit for COVID-19
*Prohibited for sale in WA & SA*

What is rapid antigen testing?

Rapid Antigen testing is a screening tool to help detect potential COVID-19 virus indicators within just 15 minutes.

Antigen Self Test Nasal provides reliable results for individuals suspected of having COVID-19.
Conveniently self-test wherever and whenever necessary.

  • FAST: Rapid results within 10-15 minutes
  • EASY TO USE: All necessary reagents provided & no equipment needed
  • EASY STORAGE: Storage temperature: 34-86℉/1-30℃
  • SECURE: TGA and FDA approved

This test is authorised for home use in individuals:

  • aged 12 years or older
  • aged 2-11 who will have their test supervised by a parent of legal guardian
  • who have experienced covid like symptoms within the last 5 days

Each Kit Includes:

  • Test Cassette 
  • Extraction Vial Tube
  • Extraction Vial Cap
  • Nasal Swab
  • Tray and User Instructions
  • Includes companion mobile app to log results, make informed decisions with greater confidence and access a results certificate

Directions For Use
Collecting a nasal sample

  1. Wash your hands before performing the test
  2. Unpack the test components and follow instructions on how to set them up
  3. A swab only has to be gently inserted into the lower nasal cavity of the left nostril. Then, slowly rotate the swab at least 5 times in a circular path for the collection of the sample
  4. Gently remove the swab from the left nostril and place into the right nostril, repeat process and then remove

Performing Test:

  1. Place the swab into the extraction vial. Rotate the swab vigorously at least 5 times
  2. Remove the swab making sure the liquid from the swab is kept in the vial tube. Then close by pushing the cap firmly onto the vial tube
  3. Allow three (3) drops of the sample to fall into the sample well

Checking The Results:

  1. Start a timer and review the result after 10 minutes. The test result should not be read after 15 minutes

IMPORTANT Do not move or lift the test cassette during this time.


  • Each test can only be used once
  • Test results must be read at 10 minutes and no later than 15 minutes
  • Interpretation of any result after 15 minutes may yield inaccurate test results
  • If you receive a positive result, you must immediately seek a laboratory PCR test and follow-up care
  • A positive result cannot determine whether you are infectious
  • False negative results are more likely to occur if the test is performed 5 days after symptom onset
  • False negatives are more likely to occur in the later phase of infection and in asymptomatic individuals
  • A negative result does not rule out infection with another type of respiratory virus
  • Negative results should be treated as presumptive only and may not mean you are not infectious. If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms you must seek immediate further laboratory PCR testing and follow up clinical care
  • Repeat testing is recommended (between 24-48 hours after your first test) if there is an ongoing suspicion of infection, being in a high risk setting or where there is an occupational risk or other requirement


For more information, please visit:

Prohibition on the use of Rapid Antigen Testing in - WA

Restrictions on the use of specific COVID-19 tests - SA