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Five Family Habits That Foster Connection

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 18 May 2020

Five Family Habits That Foster Connection

Each week brings a new host of challenges to most families. Even when stuck at home, staying connected as a family with young children can be hard work. Spending quality time together is an essential priority for a happy home, but it can get pushed aside when life’s other obligations take over.

Here, we’ll explore some easy daily family habits that can create a connected home for young chidlren, no matter how busy you become.

  1. Eat Together

    Mealtimes are a fantastic time for connecting and growing as a family. Gathering around a dining table and focusing on the delicious food and each other’s company is a loving habit that’s great to instil in your children from a young age. Mealtimes can be the perfect time to check-in with your children and make sure everything is going well.

  2. Gadget Basket

    One thing that can drastically help your family connect more is a gadget basket. This special basket holds all the distracting screens that prevent us from spending quality time together. Choose a designated time, such as during meals, where everyone’s gadgets take a break.

  3. Celebrate Together More

    Why not celebrate our little wins and accomplishments more often? From a teenager getting a great score on a test, or a pre-schooler perfecting the letter ‘R’, or a parent having a good day at work, we all have more to celebrate than we think. Create a family tradition for celebrating these little wins, such as making a special treat, watching a movie, or creating a pin-up board of accomplishments.

  4. Gratitude Check-Ins

    A great way to feel more connected as a family and encourage positive thinking for your seven-year-old is to practice gratitude together. During this check-in, each family member shares what they’re feeling most grateful for that day or week. You’ll all be reminded of how lucky you are.

  5. Morning or Evening Walks

    Boost your health and spend more quality time together as a family by taking a short walk together, either in the mornings, after school, or in the evenings. Walking together can be a fun way for children (and parents) to get a little extra exercise, relieve stress, and connect.

Written by Kaitlan D.
As well as a writer with a passion for education, Kaitlan works in a wellness practice, working with mothers, mothers-to-be and hopeful mothers.

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