Medication Packing & Review

Do you take regular medications or vitamins?

Missing a dose can be stressful and doubling up can be dangerous, so we've made it easy for you to never miss a dose with our medication packing service.


If you also need help understanding your medications, what they do and how they work, we also offer a medication review service to answer all of your medication questions.

Never miss a dose

We've made sure our medication packing and medication review services are simple systems that are easy to follow.


They're designed to help you organise your medicines to take the right pills, at the right dose, at the right time.


Please note that medications are packed based on information provided by you and your GP.


We work as a team with you and your GP to ensure you are taking your medications as prescribed.

Medication Packs FAQs

How does it work?

The pharmacy dispenses your medicine and packs them for you in a sealed, tamper-evident device.  


The pack will contain information such as:


  • Your name
  • Pharmacy details
  • Names and descriptions (shape, colour) of your medicines
  • Directions of each medicine
  • Date and day of the week
  • Time of each dose


If you have any questions, please ask your local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist for more information.

What are the two types of medication packs? 

There are currently two types of medication packs: Sachets and blister packs.


Your pharmacy may choose their preferred medication pack or use both interchangeably.




Your medicines and vitamins are sorted into individually-labelled sachets with easy tear packaging by day, dose and time.


These sachets are then rolled up in chronological date and time order.


Blister Pack


A week's worth of medication is set out in a sealed blister pack, with spaces for four doses per day. It sets out all the tablets and capsules that need to be taken at each particular time of the day, for each day of the week.


The blister pack is single-use and is inserted into a plastic reusable folder.

Can anyone use this service?

Yes, they can.


Anyone who is taking regular medications or vitamins can benefit from this service, including domestic and international travelers to ensure you have sufficient supplies before your trip.


Medication packing is safe and easy to use. Ask your local Blooms The Chemist pharmacy for more on this helpful service.

What is a medication review?

A medication review is a service where the Pharmacist spends time with you to help you understand more about your medications.


The Pharmacist will go through each of your medications to explain why you are taking them, when and how to take them and they will answer any questions you may have.


After the review, the Pharmacist will provide you with a list of your current medications and any advice or recommendations they have suggested to improve the way you take your medicine.

Visit your local Blooms The Chemist for a Medication Packing & Review Service*

*Please check with your local pharmacy on what type of medication pack they offer with their medication packing service. Medicines are packed in accordance with regulatory requirements and checking systems are used to maintain accuracy and consumer safety in compliance with professional practice standards. Some medicines and vitamins cannot be packed in a blister and/or sachet as per manufacturer's instructions. Please check with your local Blooms The Chemist pharmacy to see if they offer this service.

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