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Anti-Fungal Treatment & Creams FAQS 

What causes a fungal infection? 
 A fungal infection is caused by a fungus found on your skin, mouth, body, nails and more. Some infections are only found in warm and moist parts of the body, like the feet or the scalp whereas others are in specific places.  
Some fungal infections include tinea, athlete’s foot, ringworm and nappy rash. 
Some fungal infections are easily treatable, whereas others may need to be treated by your doctor. 
Fungal infections can affect anyone but are more likely to affect people with a weakened immune system. 
What type of anti-fungal medication is available?  
Anti-fungal creams and medicines are designed to treat fungal infections. There are a range of medicines available, including cream that can be put directly on the affected area, powder, tablets or nail lacquer if you have a nail infection. 
How does anti-fungal medication work?  
Anti-fungal medication can work in two ways. Fungistatics slow down the growth of fungi, giving your body a chance to eliminate them. Fungicidals eradicate the fungi altogether. Both ways can help you with getting relief from your fungal infection. 
Is there anti-fungal nail treatment?  
Yes, there is. As fungal nail infections are difficult to treat and reach as the infection is growing on the inside and outside of the nail, applying a nail lacquer specifically designed to treat infections can help you find relief. 
Do I need a prescription for anti-fungal medicines?  
You don’t need a prescription to purchase anti-fungal creams and nail lacquers. However, if you want anti-fungal tablets, you will need a prescription from your doctor.