Blooms The Chemist Modern Slavery Statement 2021


Today, 40.3 million people live in modern slavery


This is unacceptable.


Blooms The Chemist believes it is our collective responsibility to address and eradicate the practice of modern slavery.


That’s why we have been working with our top tier supplier partners and key service providers to assess and reduce the risk of modern slavery in our business operations.


This wasn’t something we were required to do, but it is the right thing to do.


Our Modern Slavery Statement outlines the steps we’ve taken to better understand and assess the risk of modern slavery within our supply chain, and our commitment to taking meaningful action to address the practice of modern slavery.




This is an ongoing collaborative process, and we will continue to work with our supplier partners, government bodies and other organisations to secure a better future for people in, or vulnerable to, modern slavery.




What is modern slavery?


Modern slavery includes:


  • Human trafficking: the movement of a person through the use of coercion, threats or deception.


  • Slavery: when a person exercises the rights of ownership over another person. This includes the power to make the victim an object of purchase or to use their labour or services.


  • Servitude or forced labour: when the victim does not consider themselves free to stop providing their labour or services OR to leave their place or area of work because of the use of coercion, threats or deception.


  • Forced marriage: when the victim gets married without freely and fully consenting because they have been coerced, threatened or deceived or because they are incapable of understanding the nature and effect of a marriage ceremony.


  • Debt bondage: when the victim pledges their services or the services of a third person as security for a real or alleged debt.


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