Sleeping Aids & Sedatives

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Sleeping Aids & Sedative Product FAQS  

What are some things that enhance sleep?  
Sleep is essential for good health.   
Some things that can enhance your sleep include getting more exercise, winding down before going to sleep through meditation or reading, and creating the right sleep environment, which helps keep the room dark and allows you to play ambient music.  

What sedative helps you sleep?  
A range of sedatives can help you sleep, as sleeping pills can help you fall asleep and stay asleep for longer.   
Remember that while sleeping pills may help you sleep, they do not treat the root cause of other sleeping issues, such as insomnia.  

Sleeping pills or sedatives should only be used for a short time as this can reduce the chance of you becoming dependent on them for sleeping.   
Speaking to your doctor or Pharmacist before introducing a sleeping sedative or pill into your nighttime routine is essential.  

There are prescription sleeping pills that are only available through your doctor. There are also over-the-counter sleeping pills, including Melatonin, a hormone that helps control your sleep and waking patterns.   

How can I sleep better at night?  
This depends on what is stopping you from getting enough sleep. If you're an 'overthinker' and let your thoughts run at nighttime, journaling before bed or introducing meditation or relaxation time before sleep can help calm you down.  

If you're drinking stimulants before sleep, like coffee, alcohol or nicotine, this can also impact your sleep. It's recommended to avoid stimulants for one to two hours before trying to go to sleep.  

Avoiding electronics at least an hour before bed, reading or listening to soft music can also help you unwind and relax enough to get to sleep.  

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