Antiseptics & Creams

Treat your wounds with trusted brands like Betadine, Dettol and Bepanthen from Blooms The Chemist today.

Antiseptic creams, antiseptic ointments, antiseptic wipes and antiseptic sprays can help protect your damaged skin from infection and helps treat your wounds, including cuts, scraps, insect bites and more. 


Antiseptics & Creams FAQs

What is antiseptic?

Antiseptics are chemical substances that can reduce or stop the growth of potentially harmful micro-organisms that live on your skin, in wounds and more.

What can I use antiseptics for?

Antiseptics can be used for soothing and healing wounds, treating dry and chapped skin and more. It protects your skin against infection and, depending on which antiseptic you get, can be used 

Can antiseptics expire?

If you’re worried about your antiseptics expiring, please check the expiry date on the cream, ointment, spray or wipe as they can expire and have reduced effectiveness.