What are ceramides and how do they help your skin?

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 14 Feb 2023

What are ceramides and how do they help your skin?

Ceramides are found in a range of cosmetic products, including sunscreen, shampoo, moisturisers and more.

The use of ceramides has become popular in skincare, especially as the world has a stronger focus on at home beauty treatments.

But what are they? How do they help your skin?

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are a class of fatty acids known as lipids and are naturally found in skin cells1. They make up around 50 per cent of the outer layer of your skin, which is why there’s an increased interest in the benefits of ceramides in your skincare routine.

Although your skin is made up of ceramides, the fatty acids in your skin can decrease over time and leave you with dry and dull skin. Using skincare products that include ceramide can help you supplement your skin with an extra dose when you need it1.

How do ceramides help my skin?

Ceramides help your skin by helping to maintain the integrity of your skin barrier while also keeping a layer of hydration in your skin.

It can also help the appearance of your skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin irritations and dry and rough skin.

Are ceramides okay for my sensitive or eczema-prone skin?

Ceramides actually help soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin, which makes it ideal for people with sensitive, eczema-prone and acne-prone skin.

“We know that ceramides are a missing component in people that have eczema, or clinically dry skin,” New York based dermatologist Dr. Morgan Rabach told Vogue. “Putting on moisturiser with ceramides greatly helps restore the outer layer of the skin.” she said.

As ceramides are already found in the skin and are known to be mild, using them as part of your skincare routine means that you can use them on skin types that are prone to irritation, redness and sensitivity.

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