Foot Care

Whether you're seeking targeted treatments for specific foot conditions or wanting to elevate your foot-care routine, explore our range of foot care products for differences you can see and feel today. 

Foot Care FAQS 

How can I look after hard skin on my feet? 
There are a range of ways you can look after the hard skin on your feet, including pumice stones, exfoliators and taking the time to do a foot soak to remove hard and dry skin from your feet.  

If you are trying to remove or look after the hard skin on your feet, consistency is key when it comes to addressing your feet health as it’s unlikely the hard skin will go away with just one treatment. 

How do you take care of your feet? 
There’s more to looking after your feet than many people think. You can take care of your feet by washing and drying your feet daily, checking for redness, swelling, cuts, pus, splinters or blisters as well as moisturising the skin on your feet. 

If you’re having problems with your feet, including heel pain, warts, ingrown toenails or more, it’s recommended that you try home remedies first before seeing a podiatrist (foot doctor) who can help you. 

What are some common foot conditions? 
Some common foot conditions include heel pain, bunions, warts, tinea, corns or calluses that are due to pressure from footwear or walking and ingrown toenails.