Weight Management & Nutrition

Maintaining a healthy weight through diet, exercise and weight loss can help you live the healthier lifestyle you want. We have an extensive range of weight management products that can help you gain weight, lose weight and maintain your weight. Explore our range below. 

Weight Management & Nutrition FAQS 

What is weight management and why is it important? 
Weight management means that you look after yourself and your health and wellbeing through a healthy nutrient rich diet full of fruits, vegetables and wholegrains. You can also exercise regularly to maintain your weight. 

Maintaining a healthy weight is important as being overweight or obese increases your risk of many diseases, including diabetes, coronary heart disease and more.  
Maintaining your weight also needs to be slow and steady changes to your eating and physical activity habits as dieting can be harmful to your body. 

How does physical activity help manage weight?' 
Physical activity, no matter what it is, can help you manage your weight as you can burn kilojoules through exercise and prevent muscle loss, which helps your metabolic rate stay stable. 

Your metabolic rate is the number of kilojoules you burn as your body performs basic life sustaining functions and is known as the calories burned if you stay in bed all day. 

What is the best thing to take for weight loss? 
The best thing to take for weight loss is to make slow and steady changes over time that you can stick to. This may include healthy eating, recognising habits that lead to weight gain like night eating or social eating, and exercising regularly.