Myths And Misconceptions Regarding Exercise

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 12 Sep 2019

Myths And Misconceptions Regarding Exercise

There’s a slew of knowledge that can be found on the internet regarding exercise. While some information can be considered credible there is also a lot of information that shouldn’t be believed.

Weight Training is Just for Men

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights as a woman will not magically make you bulk up. Muscle gain takes a while to build up, as women usually have lower levels of testosterone compared to men. In fact, lifting weights burns calories more efficiently and helps your body to tone and develop definition.

You Can Spot-Target Fat for Faster Results

This is a common misconception that stumps a lot of people, with many thinking that crunches and sit-ups will lead to abs. Targeting areas through isolated exercises won’t work as the muscles are smaller and harder to separate from the bigger muscles. To further tone and define your body, it’s recommended to maintain a strength and cardio routine. This will help you to focus on overall fitness whilst incorporating all muscle types into the equation.

You Should Hit the Gym Everyday

While the more exercise you do the better, you still need to have time to rest. Your muscles need time to recover and rebuild, otherwise injuries may occur if they are overworked. Active recovery is a great way to go about your rest day, doing low intensity exercises such as walking or yoga. These activities can help balance those intense workout days.

Exercise Alone Will be an Effective Tool to Lose Weight

A study co-authored by Dr Hans-Peter Kubis of Bangor University found that women who participated in exercise classes three times a week for up to eight weeks and didn’t change their diets failed to lose weight. He did find that there were changes to appetite hormones which were associated with increased hunger[1]. A well-balanced diet is needed to ensure you are getting the right nutrients to fuel your body and provide enough sustainable energy.

[1] Exercise alone does not achieve weight loss.