Help your body recover or move with ease with our wide range of mobility aids, including walking sticks, reachers, moon boots and more. 

Mobility Aid FAQs 

What is a mobility aid? 
A mobility aid is something that helps you move around your home and your local community with ease. Your mobility aid can also enhance your independence at home and help your family or carers in their roles. 

What aids are available to assist with mobility? 
There are a range of mobility aids available at Blooms The Chemist, including walking sticks, reachers, and moon boots. 

However, there are other ways that you can aid your mobility, including using bed rails, introducing a mechanical device that can lift you in and out of bed as well as a pressure-relieving mattress. 

Where can I find mobility aids near me? 
You can find a range of mobility aids near you at your local Blooms The Chemist. Find your closest store here.  

How do I know I need a mobility aid? 
There are a few signs that may mean you need mobility aids, including a history of falls or a fear of falling, reduced activity due to a fear of walking and using furniture or walls to steady and support yourself during walking.