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CPAP Masks

If you’ve been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnoea, find the right CPAP mask for you with our wide range below.

 It’s important to make sure that you’ve found the right mask that suits your sleeping style, as the CPAP mask is a vital part of your sleep apnoea treatment and CPAP therapy.




What type of CPAP mask is right for me?

There are three types of CPAP face masks available, which are a full face mask, a nasal mask and a nasal pillow mask. A full face mask can provide a better seal against leaking, but a smaller nasal mask that fits over your nose may be better if you are claustrophobic. 


Making sure you wear your CPAP mask regularly to get the most out of your sleep apnoea treatment, which can result in more energy and reduce your daytime sleepiness.

Do you have Phillips CPAP masks and ResMed CPAP masks?

We do have Phillips CPAP masks and ResMed CPAP masks available. If you’re after a specific CPAP brand, please explore our panel to the left.

Where can I find a CPAP mask near me?

You can find a range of CPAP masks available in your local Blooms The Chemist pharmacy, which you can find using our Store Locator page.