Heart & Cholesterol

Improve your heart health with our wide range of heart and cholesterol management products available today. 

You can keep your heart healthy daily by eating a healthy diet, moving more and quitting smoking.  After speaking to your doctor or Pharmacist about your concerns, you can also take vitamins that can increase your body's number of vitamins and minerals, which may reduce your risk of stroke and heart issues. 

Can vitamins improve my heart health? 

While taking vitamins and supplements may improve your heart health, it’s essential to focus on other risk factors, including your diet, whether you smoke, have high cholesterol, or are at risk for diabetes.  Eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising more can improve your heart health and keep your cholesterol healthy. 


What are the best vitamins for heart and circulation? 
While the best way to improve your heart health is to eat a diet limited in saturated fats and high in vegetables and fibre, you can also get the minerals you lack through supplements and vitamins. Increasing the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet can help prevent heart disease and strokes, so look for fish oil capsules if you’re not getting enough seafood or Omega-3s in your diet already. 
Another supplement to look out for that may improve your heart health is Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant your body already produces. The levels of CoQ10 drop as you get older, and this antioxidant improves the conditions that reduce the risk of congestive heart failure.  
Before you take any vitamin or supplement, please talk to your Pharmacist or doctor beforehand. 


Can I reduce my cholesterol with vitamins?  
If you've high cholesterol or heart concerns, your doctor may recommend some vitamins and supplements. However, it's essential to work with your doctor to reduce your cholesterol levels through a healthy diet, moving more and reducing the amount of saturated fat you eat, which is in chips, cookies, cakes and more.