Revitalise your Routine

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 14 Jan 2021

Revitalise your Routine

Kickstart your New Year with a new routine, we all have resolutions we want to conquer and sometimes by the end of January they are long forgotten. While some of these suggestions might be simple, you’ll be glad you’ve achieved these habits, so you can go on and accomplish your bigger goals for the year.

Floss - The dreariest of everyday habits, yet what might be considered as the most important. Without regular flossing your teeth can build up plaque which leads to tartar and tooth decay, along with an increased risk of obtaining gum disease. To decrease your risk of getting cavities, it’s best to floss daily so you can keep your pearly whites, super clean.

SleepSleep easy throughout 2021 with the use of nasal strips, designed to relieve congestion and aid in solving a range of sleep related problems, ultimately helping you to breathe better. It’s often used for a deviated septum, colds and to reduce snoring.

Weight - A common resolution throughout January is the goal of losing weight, with exercise and diet being the main two important components that you need to focus on.  Supplements such as protein powders have been known to help complement people’s weight lose journeys. Supporting them to feel satiated for longer periods of time and helping to maintain their muscle mass whilst losing fat.

Quit Smoking - What better time to quit than the beginning of a New Year, take notice of all the ‘New Year, New You’ quotes and incite change. There are several ways to go about beating the cravings, with products including patches, gums, lozenges and sprays.

Take Your Vitamins - If you’re feeling a little ragged after all the festivities, start taking a daily dose of  vitamins. Add fish oil for your omega 3’s, vitamin E for a healthy heart or zinc for glowing skin. While we do gain vitamins and minerals from the foods we eat, it’s good to supplement with vitamins. As sometimes without noticing we may unintentionally skip on our intake, either by eating junk, skipping meals or avoiding certain foods.

Dry Shampoo - If this isn’t already a staple in your weekly routine, then you’d be silly to miss it. Dry shampoo soaks up excess oil and grease, so your hair is instantly refreshed. No need to fret when you’ve forgotten to wash your hair as this bottle will have your back or rather your scalp. Just spray onto your roots and massage it in, brush through and then you’re done.