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First Day Alone With A Newborn

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 26 May 2020

First Day Alone With A Newborn

You’re home from the hospital, the amount of visitors has dwindled, and your closest support partners may have returned to work. Whatever your situation may be, today is the first day you are completely alone with your newborn. So, what might your day look like?

In this article, we explore how you can get through the first day alone with your baby. Being emotionally ready will help. You can plan by yourself or with a trusted healthcare professional, including a midwife, doula, or registered nurse.

First and foremost, remember that even the most well planned days might go a bit awry. Motherhood is a journey, and a lot of what happens is not under your control. Accepting this, it is still helpful to imagine your ideal day. Establish what you would like to accomplish. If it doesn’t happen, so be it.

The first-day schedule may look something like this:

  • Feed your baby as soon as they wake up. This may help keep your bub in a good mood and avoid them from becoming cranky from hunger.
  • Practice tummy time with your baby laying their belly on a soft, clean surface.
  • Study your baby for cues that they are getting sleepy or hungry. It is ideal to catch these cues early to prevent your bub from becoming upset.
  • Plan for a morning, midday and evening nap for the baby. It is best to feed them before napping.
  • Set time aside for you to eat. A hungry, tired mum can only do so much.

At the end of the first day, ideally, you were able to feed, clean, and sleep your baby, as well as keep yourself nourished—what a great result. If your day did not play out that way, that is also fine. Do not feel bad; you can only control so much.

If you find yourself needing support, you should reach out to your pregnancy healthcare team. Alternatively, find an online mums forum where you will connect with others going through the same experience. It can be quite common to experience feelings of anxiety or depression, in which case, it is really worthwhile contacting organisations like Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636.

For almost all parents, there will be that “first day” alone with your baby. Being mentally and emotionally prepared will help you make this a positive experience rather than a daunting one.


Written by Chelsea D.

Chelsea is a mum of one and pregnant with another. She writes about pregnancy, parenting, and body positivity.

All articles are provided as general information and are not intended, nor may it be construed, as medical advice or instruction. Information and opinions expressed are believed to be correct and accurate to the best knowledge and judgement of the authors. Readers should consult their appropriately qualified health care professional prior to taking any action or inaction.