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Introducing Ethical Nutrients Clinical Range

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 1 Oct 2021

Introducing Ethical Nutrients Clinical Range

The NEW specialist, scientifically formulated range that brings new ingredients and formulations to women’s health, pain management and immune health. Learn more about some of the key products in the range below and speak with your Pharmacist for more information about the full range.

Feeling tired?

Nutrition is an important contributing factor to the complex issue of fatigue. If you’re not getting the right nutrients, your energy levels can leave you feeling depleted. Three key pathways for energy production are the mitochondria, the red blood cells and the thyroid. These pathways rely on key nutrients found in animal food sources, including red meat. Plant-based diets are becoming more common and are unfortunately often low in iron, vitamin B12 and iodine, and red meat is a major source of coenzyme Q10. These are important in supporting the energy production pathways. Fem Force combines these key nutrients to support energy levels. Taking one vegan-friendly capsule per day can help with tiredness and fatigue if your dietary intake is inadequate.

Struggling with mild nerve pain symptoms like numbness, tingling or pain that feels like pins and needles?

All these sensations are associated with mild nerve pain. While pain is important in signalling issues in our bodies, it can be incredibly frustrating and challenging to manage. In people with mild nerve pain, the messaging in the brain fires improperly, signalling pain without an obvious cause. This means pain can flare up at any time, unprompted. To make matters worse, prolonged mild nerve pain and associated inflammation can also make the nervous system more sensitive to pain, leading to a vicious cycle. Nervalgesic™ is anti-inflammatory, containing high strength and bioavailable PEA, a cutting-edge ingredient that assists with mild nerve pain and inflammation. Combining PEA with Saffron and Thiamine, Nervalgesic brings a different approach to pain, working to break the pain cycle.

Suffering in silence with menopause symptoms?

Menopause is the natural stage in a woman’s life where she stops menstruating. Official “menopause” refers to 12 months after final menstruation occurs, but symptoms can occur long before this time in a phase known as perimenopause, where hormone levels start to drop. While the body is transitioning, women may experience a variety of symptoms at varying degrees of severity. These may include hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, libido issues and sleep disturbances, among others. Estrovera™ contains an exclusive ingredient known as ERr 731™, specifically researched to relieve these common menopause symptoms and to support healthy libido, helping women through perimenopause and menopause. It is an option for women looking to manage their menopause symptoms with a plant-derived alternative, and relief is provided with just one mini tablet per day.

Looking to arm yourself with the latest in Immune Health?

One crucial aspect of long-term health and wellness is maintaining a robust immune system. The immune system is not a compartmentalised system, but an incredibly complex network of cells, tissues, organs, hormones and other factors that work in harmony with one another. With the goal of protecting the body against harmful substances and microbes that could make you ill, the immune system works 24/7. NexGen Immune is a triple-action formula for immune resilience, relief and recovery. It supports the body’s immune defences, while addressing other factors that affect immune health. It contains Reishi to help fight the infection as traditionally used in Chinese medicine, Astragalus to help with stress and recovery, as well as Vitamins C and D to build immune resilience. It also uniquely contains EGCG from Green Tea along with Zinc, making for a next-generation immune health alternative.

Ethical Nutrients Clinical is available in selected pharmacies. Speak with your local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist today to learn more about the range.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.