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​Is it Better to Use a Cane or a Walker | The Blooms Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 10 Sep 2020

​Is it Better to Use a Cane or a Walker | The Blooms Blog

Both canes and walkers help support the elderly and individuals who have difficulties with stability and balance. They also help to provide an increased sense of independence and safety when walking.

A walker is a metal frame with handles that needs to be lifted with each step, as it doesn’t have wheels. A walker can be used if you have issues with balancing, experiencing weakness or are recovering from a surgery or illness. They are lightweight and are partially able to support body weight.

The benefits of a walker include the ability to have safer and longer walks as walkers are more stable and reduce weightbearing for the individual. They are also lightweight and allow you to walk at a slower pace. 

You should consider using a walker if you’re having trouble with your balance, as a walker provides more stability. If you are still able to grip onto objects and lift things up, then a walker might be the best option for you.

Walking canes are designed to take the pressure off when walking on a regular basis and are used everyday as a mobility aid, helping to make mobility easier by reducing pressure on the individual’s legs. A cane can help to relive pressure off an injured leg or foot and can help to support your weight.

Canes are ideal for when the pain that is being experienced is more concentrated on one side of the body, while walkers can be used for when the pain is on both sides. Canes can also be used while walking up the stairs while walkers are much more difficult to manoeuvre upstairs.

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