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Quit it to win it: How to go smoke-free

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 20 Feb 2024

Quit it to win it: How to go smoke-free

While smoking is still an everyday indulgence, it’s been decreasing in use for decades, while many health metrics are better than ever. 

If you’re a smoker, the benefits of quitting are similar to exercising often, sleeping well, and eating healthily: you’ll look and feel better.

Thanks to years of research and advertising, we now know how bad smoking is for us. What we can sometimes forget, however, is how good quitting smoking is for us. 

The improvements in our physical and mental health are long proven and make a strong case to go smoke-free.

Improved respiratory health

One of the first and most noticeable changes when you quit smoking is the improvement in how you breathe. 

Smoking damages your lungs, leading to chronic cough, shortness of breath, and a higher risk of respiratory infections. 

But when you quit, your lung function begins to improve within just a few weeks. 

You’ll breathe easier, experience less coughing, and enjoy increased stamina for physical activities.

Reduced risk of heart disease

Smoking is a major contributor to cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of death worldwide. 

The toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke promote the buildup of plaque in your arteries, increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. 

However, quitting smoking reduces this risk significantly. 

Your blood pressure and heart rate return to normal, and your circulation improves, reducing the chances of cardiovascular issues.

Better sense of taste and smell

Smoking dulls your senses of taste and smell over time, making food and everyday scents less enjoyable. 

When you quit, your taste buds and olfactory receptors begin to recover, allowing you to savour the flavours of food and experience the joy of pleasant fragrances once more.

Clearer-looking skin

Smoking accelerates the ageing process of your skin, causing wrinkles, premature ageing, and a dull complexion.

The good news is that quitting smoking can turn back the clock. 

Over time, your skin will start to rejuvenate, becoming more radiant and youthful. 

You’ll be amazed at the difference in your appearance and the compliments you’ll receive.

Reduced cancer risk

Cigarette smoke contains numerous carcinogens, increasing the risk of various cancers, including lung, mouth, throat, and bladder cancer. 

By quitting smoking, you dramatically reduce your chances of developing these life-threatening diseases. 

The body’s natural healing processes can work more effectively, repairing damaged cells and reducing cancer risk.

Increased energy and endurance

Smoking depletes your energy levels and reduces your overall fitness. 

When you quit, your body can better utilise oxygen, increasing energy and endurance. 

You’ll find that everyday activities become less taxing, and you have more motivation to engage in physical exercise.

Improved mental health

Smoking is not just a physical addiction; it’s also a mental one. 

Quitting smoking can lead to improved mental health, reduced stress levels, and better overall wellbeing. 

You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and pride, boosting your self-esteem and reducing anxiety.

Better oral hygiene

Smoking is a leading cause of dental problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay. 

When you quit, your oral health starts to improve. Your gums become healthier, your breath smells better, and your teeth become less stained. 

You’ll save money on dental care and enjoy a brighter smile.

The key takeaways

The benefits of quitting smoking range from immediate improvements in your respiratory health to long-term reductions in the risk of serious illnesses. 

If you’re considering quitting, remember that it’s never too late to start your smoke-free journey. 

Your local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist has the knowledge and resources to help you kick your smoking habit.

Remember that every cigarette not smoked makes you a little healthier; the best thing you can do is try.

This article has been republished with permission and is available in Health Check Magazine. Visit your local Blooms The Chemist to get your copy today.