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Sleep Apnoea Therapy Improves Golf Game

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 17 Feb 2020

Sleep Apnoea Therapy Improves Golf Game

Research shows that golfers who undergo treatment for sleep apnoea may improve their golf game as well as their overall health.[1]

A study found that golfers with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) who received nasal positive airway pressure (NPAP) for their disorder improved their daytime sleepiness scores and lowered their golf handicap by as much as three strokes. Researchers suggest that the possibility of improving your golf game may be a significant motivator to improve NPAP compliance rates among golfers.

“As any golfer knows, when your ability to think clearly or make good decisions is compromised, the likelihood of playing your best is greatly diminished,” said Dr. Marc L. Benton, MD, FCCP, Atlantic Sleep and Pulmonary Associates. “Through treatment with NPAP, we can improve many cognitive metrics, such as attention span, memory, decision-making abilities, and frustration management, which may, in turn, positively affect a person’s golf game.”

“The biggest handicap improvements occurred in the lower handicap, often older golfers. This group typically would be expected to trend in the opposite direction due to age-related deterioration in strength and endurance,” said Neil S. Friedman, RN, RPSGT, from Morristown Memorial Hospital. “The drop in handicap among the better golfers probably reflected that the major limiting factor was not golf skill but cognitive compromise that improved when the sleep apnoea was treated.”

One in four Australian adults are at risk of developing sleep apnoea with the condition affecting approximately 10% of females and 25% of males.[2] Sleep apnoea can affect anyone, though your risk is higher if you are obese, over 65 years of age or have a family history of the condition. Symptoms can include snoring, constant irritability or falling asleep during the day.[3] An at-home sleep test can determine if you have sleep apnoea; ask your local Blooms The Chemist for more information on this condition and testing options.

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