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​The Science of Wellbeing | Blooms The Chemist Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 8 Sep 2020

​The Science of Wellbeing | Blooms The Chemist Blog

If you’re wanting to cultivate a better grasp on what it means to be truly happy then we may have found the perfect course for you.

What has become the most popular course in Yale University’s history, Psychology and the Good Life has garnered world-wide acclaim and attention. The course aims to investigate happiness and to debunk the misconceptions surrounding it, helping people to better understand the habits and practices that will lead them to fulfilling lives. After an influx of requests to join the course, lecturer Laurie Santos decided to host the course online, on the learning platform Coursera, calling it The Science of Well-Being.

The course covers topics such as why our expectations are so bad and addressing the things that really makes us happy instead of what we believe will make us happy, such as money and status. The course provides students with 10 weeks worth of content, allowing them the opportunity to work through the modules at their own pace. There are also challenges called rewirements that aim to help students assess their own habits and behaviours and allow them to see what they can do to improve. The course has been praised many times for it's insight into what really causes happiness and the ways in which we can bring it about in our everyday lives.

You can find the The Science of Well-Being course  here.