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Tips For Rebuilding Fitness After Serious Curative Treatment

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 29 May 2020

Tips For Rebuilding Fitness After Serious Curative Treatment

Serious curative treatments like invasive surgery or rounds of heavy medication are critical to managing serious illness or injury. However, the process can be physically demanding and leave you feeling drained. Intense treatment can cause fitness and daily routines to be left behind, leaving you with the challenge of rebuilding your physical fitness.

In this article, we explore some general themes to help rebuild fitness. You should consult with your medical health professional to develop a specific plan based on your conditions and treatment.

Take It Slow

Generally, the safest approach to recovery and rebuild is to take it one step at a time. You may have been able to run a marathon before your health issues, but that doesn’t mean you should start doing that straight away now. It is a good idea to start as though you’re new to the exercise. Do a minimal amount and listen to your body, you’ll know if you’re capable of more and can push yourself a little every day or week. Ideally, seek professional support to monitor your progress.


It’s a good idea to mix your exercise regime up. This means some days may have longer exercise sessions and other days are shorter but more intense. You should always be guided by medical advice to not risk overdoing any activity that could cause damage.

Reduce Stress

Stress is not beneficial for your health. It’s been linked with a variety of age-related diseases. As obvious as it may sound, an excellent way to reduce stress is to avoid stressful situations. This could mean changing your routine to avoid things that frustrate you (for example, driving at peak hour). You can also try meditating or simply taking more “time outs”.

Eat Right

You don’t need a fad diet; you simply need to eat healthily. That means a balanced plate of carbohydrates, protein, a little healthy fat, and vegetables. You should be able to enjoy the food you eat. Plus, you don’t need to feel hungry all the time.


When you sleep, your body works hard to repair damaged cells and organs. This means you should focus your efforts on getting at least seven hours of good sleep a night, it should help your body recover, and your fitness improves.

You will rebuild your fitness and well-being after serious treatment if you take your time, stay aware and make the right choices. Serious illness and injury can be a bump in the road but with a little bit of forethought and the right support, soon enough you can get back to normal.

Written by Nathan C.

Nathan is passionate about fitness, including researching and writing about it.

All articles are provided as general information and are not intended, nor may it be construed, as medical advice or instruction. Information and opinions expressed are believed to be correct and accurate to the best knowledge and judgement of the authors. Readers should consult their appropriately qualified health care professional prior to taking any action or inaction.