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Difference Between a Walking Stick and a Walking Cane | Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 8 Sep 2020

Difference Between a Walking Stick and a Walking Cane | Blog

While often used interchangeably walking sticks and walking canes actually function differently. While both are used for mobility and balance, they each are designed to be used for either a shorter or longer period of time.

Walking canes are designed to take pressure off when walking on a regular basis and are used everyday as a mobility aid. While walking sticks are used primarily for balance and stability when walking for a short amount of time. Walking sticks are seen as more of an accessory and are only really used when occasional support is needed such as when hiking or walking on rough terrains. Walking canes on the other hand are used on a long-term basis helping to make mobility easier by reducing pressure on the individual’s legs.

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Adjustable Two Handle Walking Stick

Our adjustable two handle walking sticks are made of light aluminium and are adjustable (83 – 95cm). They have a rubber stopper for superior grip and safety, along with a storage collar.

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