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You Need To Know This: Stroke Awareness!

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 3 Sep 2019

You Need To Know This: Stroke Awareness!

Did you know – an estimated one in six Australians will have a stroke at some time in their life… and sorry guys, men are at a far higher risk.

National Stroke Week is from September 2 to 8, find out how you can help here.

What Happens During A Stroke?

A stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted by a blockage in an artery, often caused by bleeding in the brain. When blood flow to the brain is interrupted, the movement of nutrients and oxygen is hindered. If brain cells are starved of oxygen and essential nutrients, they are at risk of death.

Stroke symptoms include blurred or decreased vision in one or both eyes, numbness, weakness or paralysis in the face, arm or leg. Other symptoms to look out for include a difficulty understanding or speaking, dizziness, difficulty swallowing or a severe headache.

If you suspect someone is having a stroke, take the FAST test:

Face – Check their face. Has their mouth dropped?

Arms – Can they lift both arms?

Speech – Is their speech slurred? Are they able to understand you?

Time – Is of the essence. If you notice any of these warning signs, call 000 immediately. What Steps Can I Take To Reduce The Risk Of Having A Stroke?

In 2017 there were more than 56,000 new and recurrent strokes – that’s one stroke every nine minutes. A frightening figure.

The good news? More than 80% of strokes can be prevented – here’s how.

First off – leave the cigarettes at the door. Smoking more than doubles your risk of having a stroke. Alcohol isn’t much better, either. As hard as it may be to turn down that extra glass of wine on a Friday, try to enjoy alcohol in moderation. It really pays to listen to your body.

Look at ways to reduce your stress levels – perhaps through exercise or cooking. In fact, limiting your sugar, salt and saturated fat intake will be hugely beneficial to your overall health. Paying attention to your diet and eating well will help you maintain a healthy weight – another important part of stroke prevention.

Take steps to live an active life. Find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine — take the stairs instead of the lift or walk to and from work. Join a dance class!

Ask A Medical Professional

Anyone can suffer a stroke – at any age! In fact, around 30% of stroke survivors are of working age (under the age of 65). That’s why it’s so important to be aware of your risk from an early age.

Blooms The Chemist offers quick and easy stroke risk assessments (it only takes ten minutes!). Your pharmacist will ask you questions about your lifestyle, age and family medical history. They’ll also take your blood pressure. If you’re deemed to be at risk, your pharmacist will encourage you to make an appointment with a doctor.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Stay in control of your health and head in store for a check-up with Blooms The Chemist. It takes an easy ten minutes and when combined with a healthy lifestyle, can seriously reduce your risk of a stroke. Let’s work together to Share Good Health.