Ensure is the world’s number one nutritional supplement designed to help you reach your health goals. Explore our range of Ensure products below. 

Ensure FAQS 

What does Ensure do? 
Ensure products provide adults with a source of balanced nutrition, which can help you take charge of your health.  

Ensure contains 28 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, Vitamin D and 8.3 to 20 grams of protein per serve. It also has antioxidants that can support your immune health. 

Ensure is scientifically formulated to support the nutritional intake of adults who have a range of needs, including during illness, during a hospital stay or after discharge or if you have a poor appetite.  

Does Ensure help you lose weight? 
Although Ensure isn’t specifically designed for weight loss, it can be used as part of a balanced diet for weight loss under the supervision of a healthcare professional. 

Is Ensure lactose free? 
No, it’s not. All Ensure products contain some lactose and under Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, Ensure powder is classified as low lactose as it contains no more than 2 grams of lactose per 100 grams.  

If you’re concerned about taking Ensure, please seek advice from your healthcare provider before introducing it into your diet.