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The OPTIFAST VLCD program is a very low calorie diet for the dietary management of obesity and has a range of products, including shakes, soups, desserts and bars.
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What is the OPTIFAST Program? 
The OPTIFAST Program allows you to choose from four levels and is designed to help you gradually establish healthy eating habits while also achieving your desired weight loss. 

There are three levels for active weight loss and one level for weight maintenance, which are: 
Level three, which is where you replace all three meals with OPTIFAST VLCD products and is designed for fast and effective weight loss 
Level two, which is where you replace two meals a day with OPTIFAST VLCD products and include one healthy meal resulting in gradual weight loss 
Level one, which is where you replace one meal a day with OPTIFAST VLCD products and include two healthy meals, which is great for those who want variety in their meals 
Maintenance level, which is where once you’ve achieved your weight loss goal, you can enjoy three healthy and calorie-controlled meals a day 

The variety in levels means that you can tailor the program to suit your own weight loss goals and your lifestyle. 

How many calories are in an OPTIFAST shake? 
The VLCD shakes are 201 calories, which is 840 kilojoules. The average adult needs about 8,700 kilojoules a day to maintain a healthy weight, but this may vary as some people need more and others need less. 

How does OPTIFAST work? 
OPTIFAST works by restricting your energy (calorie / kilojoule) intake by keeping it below 800 calories as well as restricting your carbohydrate intake, which allows your body to draw energy from your own fat stores, including your liver. 

Is OPTIFAST safe? 
OPTIFAST is safe and backed by over 80 clinical publications that demonstrate safe and effective weight loss.