Anti-itch cream is designed to help relieve itching and pain caused by a range of conditions, including insect bites, sunburn, skin irritations and minor burns, cuts and scraps.  
Anti-itch cream can also be used to reduce swelling and redness in the affected areas. 

Anti-itch cream FAQs 
What brands of anti-itch cream do you have? 
We have a wide range of trusted brands, including Ego anti itch cream, Dermaid anti itch cream and more.  
How does anti-itch cream work? 
Anti-itch cream works by reducing inflammation and relieving any itchiness you’re feeling through the ingredients in the cream.  If your anti-itch cream contains hydrocortisone, this drug inhibits inflammatory responses in  your body and can help calm itchy skin. For more information about what your anti itch cream contains, please ask your Pharmacist or read the packaging. 
Can I use anti-itch cream while pregnant? 
You can use anti-itch cream while pregnant, but it’s recommended that you speak to your doctor or Pharmacist before starting with one during your pregnancy.  
Your doctor or Pharmacist can help you determine what kind of itch it is and recommend a course of treatment suitable for pregnancy. Find your nearest Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist here. 
If I’m really itchy, should I scratch it? 
No, we don’t recommend that you scratch something that is really irritating you as the pain of scratching is what relieves the itch. If you continue to scratch, you may break the skin, which can sometimes lead to an infection.