Bondi Blades Dermaplaning Blade 3 Pack

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General Product Description

Australia’s First At-Home Dermaplaning Blades Bondi Blades provide a Salon-Grade Product that can be used at Home for a Fraction of the Cost. The handles are made from Wheat Straw which is, 100% Recyclable & 100% Cruelty Free. Good for your Skin. Single pack of 3 wheat straw handle dermaplaning blades. Stainless steel blade and anti-slip handle. You can normally get 3-4 shaves per blade.


Key Features

  • Bio-degradable wheat straw handle
  • 100% recyclable & cruelty free
  • You can normally get 3-4 shaves per blade. 


Directions for use

  1.  Start with a freshly cleansed face and use a headband towel to keep your hair from sticking to your face.
  2. Use your Bondi Blade on a 45-degree angle and gently stroke in the direction of the hair. We recommend dermaplaning downwards. You can choose to dermaplane on either slightly wet skin or dry skin. Soaking wet skin may cause the blade to slip so please handle with care, however a gentle lubricant on the skin may be the thing you need! Lubricants we recommend: Aloe Vera Gel, a facial oil or even olive oil will do just the trick!
  3. After each stroke, wipe the blade on a cotton pad so you can see the results instantly as you go! Warning: This is extremely satisfying as you see how much hair has come off!
  4. Gently wash your face to remove any remaining hairs laying on the surface of your skin and then apply a facial serum. 
  5. Remain Make-up Free for the day to reduce any chance of irritation.