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Bed Pans Versus Urinals | Blooms The Chemist Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 30 Sep 2020

Bed Pans Versus Urinals | Blooms The Chemist Blog

If you’re looking for bathroom aids that can help with easy accessibility and comfort, Blooms The Chemist has some options available that can help provide support.

Bed pans are portable devices used for when an individual needs to pass urine or stool while they are immobile, such as lying on a bed or in a chair.

The Blooms The Chemist hygienic bed pan is ideal for the immobile patient. With a wedge shape design and tapered end for easy positioning, this bed pan is ideal for home care, immobile patients or where it's needed. With an ergonomic lid and integrated handle for easy placement, this bed pan is odour and stain resistant and easy to clean. You can find them online here.

Portable urinals can be used when access to a toilet is not possible or the individual has limited mobility or flexibility.

The Blooms The Chemist hygienic portable urinal is adaptable for both men and women. With a 1000mL capacity and a snap on secure lid, it's easy to use where required, for home care, disabilities, camping or where it's needed. The unisex urinal is durable and easy to clean with a sturdy grip handle, you can find them online here.

Our Blooms The Chemist Pharmacy team provide friendly service and trusted advice, helping you to choose the right products for you. Our Blooms The Chemist Independent Living range can be found in-store or online here.