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Check-Ups For Women Over 55

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 14 May 2020

Check-Ups For Women Over 55

Even if our mind is sharp, we cannot forget that our bodies have gone through quite a lot over the past half-a-century. All of the food we ate, the drinks we drank, the choices we made, the injuries we had, the exercise we did (or didn’t do), and the illnesses we experienced have all affected our body.

For this reason, once we reach our mid-50’s, it is the perfect opportunity to take extra care of our health. Preventative health is the most effective way[1] to stay healthier in the long term.

Through regular check-ups with our pharmacist or GP, even when you feel fine, you will know that everything is actually in working order. If something unusual is detected, it allows you to take action early on which give yourself the best chance of avoiding serious ill-health.

What check-ups should you be getting as you approach your Sixties?

Here are health checks to consider;

  • Cervical screening: As women age, the risk of cervical cancer increases. Treatment options have much better outcomes when it is detected early.
  • Breast health: Like the cervix, breast tissue is more at risk of developing cancer as we age. This will likely include a mammogram or an ultrasound.
  • Heart health: There are a few different checks that can be undertaken here. Blood pressure is one check. Cholesterol screening is another. Checking your weight is also worthwhile since being overweight is a significant risk factor for different health conditions like heart disease and diabetes.
  • Eye health. If you haven’t already been screened for glaucoma, now is a good time to get your eyes checked.
  • Bowel health: Screening usually involves a faecal occult blood test, and if results are abnormal, doctors may follow up with a colonoscopy. This is essential to screen for bowel cancer.
  • Bone density health check: This determines whether your bones are becoming brittle from osteoporosis.

In addition to these general tests, your doctor or pharmacist may recommend other tests are done. Remember that prevention is about early detection, which increases the likelihood of reaching older with full health.

Written by Sasha A.
With a B.A. in Anthropology and a Master of Science, Sasha shares her knowledge in articles about food, nutrition, health, and fitness.


[1] SA GOV. Seniors Card discount directory – Your Lifestyle Guide. 2020

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