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Harnessing The Curative Power Of Sleep | Blooms Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 1 Jan 1970

Harnessing The Curative Power Of Sleep | Blooms Blog

The average adult male needs around eight hours of sleep a night[1]; the exact amount depends on you and your needs. For many men, sleep can become something that has to be squeezed in between all the other demands on our time. However, rest is crucial for your body.

In this article, we explore sleep and why it is time to think about your current sleep schedule and whether you need to change it. Your pharmacist or GP will help you understand this will qualified, professional advice.

Cell Repair

When you sleep, your body has the opportunity to direct its attention to cell repair. This is when tiny tears in muscles, brought on by exercise, are fixed. Your immune system will also be boosted, and damage to your organs and other cells can even be repaired.

Hormone Balance

Sleeping is when your body is able to balance hormone levels. Many of us live in a stressful world and, whenever you’re stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which prepares your body for fight or flight. It also reduces the production of other hormones. Sleep can allow cortisol levels to drop and your body to create the other hormones it needs to stay healthy.

Here are some other ways that can help you get your recommended nightly sleep:

Reduce Caffeine

It is widely known that caffeine is a stimulant; it’s best to avoid it too close to bedtime. Some people recommend stopping it at two in the afternoon, and others say it’s okay until seven in the evening. You’ll have to experiment to find out what suits you.

Set Your Bedtime

If you need eight hours of sleep and have to be up at seven am every day, then quite simply you need a bedtime of 11 pm – no excuses. That means you might need to be getting ready for bed at 10.30 pm. Coincidentally, this is often when most people feel sleepy as your natural rhythm may increase melatonin levels around this time. Fight your way through it, and you’re likely to stay up past midnight and either not get enough sleep or be up late in the morning.

Avoid Blue Light

Electronic devices emit blue light. This kind of light tells your brain to stay awake as it simulates the light you get from the sun. It’s a good idea to avoid blue light for at least an hour before bed.

Go Dark

The final tip to help you harness the curing power of sleep is to sleep in total darkness and make sure the room is cool. This should help you sleep better and improve the effectiveness of your sleep.

Sleep is an incredibly fundamental part of good health yet something that is often ignored. Professional advice will help you to understand how to achieve the rest your body requires.

Written by Nathan C.
Nathan is passionate about fitness, including researching and writing about it.

[1] Healthy sleep habits:

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