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How Do You Shower with a Shower Stool? | The Blooms Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 3 Sep 2020

How Do You Shower with a Shower Stool? | The Blooms Blog

A shower stool provides stability and support if you are unable to stand for long periods of time in the shower or if you may be prone to falls. A shower stool allows you the ability to be able to sit down and go about your routine with ease and comfort.

To use a shower stool you should first position the stool in the shower, making sure that it’s completely stable and not wobbly or that it has the chance to slide around. Try and remove any obstructions that can cause difficulty in positioning the shower stool or that may be a hindrance in being able to get on and off the stool, including shower caddies and any bottles or soaps that may be on the shower floor. It’s also best to adjust the legs to accommodate the person who will be using the shower stool, with the person’s feet always being flat on the floor. When using the stool it’s also wise never to sit on the edge of the seat as this can cause you to slip off, you should instead sit in the centre of the seat to allow for more stability.

Aluminium Shower Stool

Our aluminium shower stool provides stability in the bathroom and includes comfortable foam rubber grip arms along with height adjustable legs.

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