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​How Often Do Incontinence Pads Need to be Changed? | Blog

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 28 Aug 2020

​How Often Do Incontinence Pads Need to be Changed? | Blog

Incontinence pads can help provide you with safety and independence so you can worry less and go about your day with ease. They come in a range of absorbencies, sizes and styles to suit your every need. A common question that can arise is how often do incontinence pads need to be changed each day, we’ve provided the answer below.

It is recommended to change incontinence pads around four to six times per day. You should always change your incontinence pad when it’s wet, as wearing it for longer can contribute to bad odours, poor hygiene and skin conditions. Irritation and chaffing can also occur if you leave a pad on for too long regardless of whether it is wet or dry.

For overnight use, there are certain incontinence pads that are designed for higher absorbency and to be left on throughout the night. It is important though that when you wake up you change your incontinence pad first thing so as to avoid any irritation or other problems.

If you are experiencing incontinence, Molicare have a vast range of products that are highly absorbent and provide a comfortable fit. With a range of different styles, sizes and absorbency levels – there’s a perfect fit for all incontinence needs. Their curly fibre technology also helps to maintain healthy pH levels and reduce the risk of skin irritation. Molicare has a vast range of incontinence products including Molicare premium, Molicare pads and Molicare mobile.

It is important to seek medical advice and talk to your doctor or a continence professional about your symptoms.  Visit your local Blooms The Chemist Pharmacy team for more information and recommendations on the best incontinence products for you. Shop now for a vast range of incontinence products online including incontinence pads and pants for men and incontinence pads for women. Click here for our range of products.