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How To Boost Brain Fitness During Retirement

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 29 May 2020

How To Boost Brain Fitness During Retirement

Many people accept that a loss of mental capacity and brainpower comes with the process of aging. It’s even built into our lexicon, with talk of senior moments and old-age senility. In this article, we look at the reality that there is no inevitability to age-related brain decline.

The brain is a living, dynamic organ. So long as you allow it to, it will continue to grow and strengthen. Every time you challenge your brain, new connections form, strengthening your mind.

If you are going through retirement, you have a fantastic opportunity to boost your mental activity and brainpower. Recent research[1] reveals that the following factors are crucial for brain fitness:

  • Physical activity
  • Social Interaction
  • Eating Well
  • Faith, spirituality, and meditation

Here are five brain-boosting suggestions that you can build into your routine:

  1. Give your brain a workout with mentally challenging activities such as number puzzles, spatial-relation games, and computer games that test cognitive functioning.
  2. Learn memory strategies.
  3. Take up a physical hobby that requires multiple coordination levels; think yoga, tennis, or bowling.
  4. Spend plenty of time in the great outdoors. Hiking is a great way to recharge your mental batteries while always getting in a great workout. Also, you’ll be breathing in fresh, pure oxygen which oxygenates your brain.
  5. Stay curious. Curiosity will compel you to new learning, investigation, and discovery.

Creativity is one more way to boost your brainpower. Recent research[2] even suggests that people who encourage their creativity by participating in new and challenging activities reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Use your creativity to refuse to conform to society’s stereotypes about retirement.

The concept of creativity includes a lot of activities, for example, building birdhouses, sewing baby’s mittens, or creating a family genealogy.

Retiring can be the opportunity you have not had time to stimulate and improve your brains fitness. It is all about staying mentally and physically active. Get creative, try new things, and understand that just by participating you