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How To Develop A Workout Habit In Three Easy Steps

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 22 May 2020

How To Develop A Workout Habit In Three Easy Steps

By the time we reach our mid-fifties, many of us have developed a love-hate relationship with exercise. We know we should be doing it regularly and have, probably, had bouts when we’ve done just that. But then life gets in the way, and exercise drifts out of our lives for a few years.

But as we age, exercise becomes even more critical[1]. Every year we lose testosterone, and with it, muscle mass. Many of us replace that muscle mass with body fat as we become increasingly sedentary, and our metabolism slows down. That puts increasing stress upon our heart and lungs.

Here are three easy steps that can help you develop a workout habit. Check with your qualified health professional about what is safe for you.

  1. Start slowly. Develop the exercise habit slowly. Start with walking. If you can, do it in the evening with your partner.
  2. Use the cue and reward method. To develop a habit, use the proven cue and reward method. This involves setting up the same cue/trigger for the new behaviour and then giving yourself a post-behaviour reward. For example, your cue could be having a glass of water after dinner. The reward could be to relax in your favourite armchair after the walk and listen to your favourite CD.
  3. Start strengthening. You may also choose to start doing bodyweight resistance training. There are just three exercises that you need to be doing to strengthen and build every muscle group in your body: Push-Ups, Pull-Ups and Bodyweight Squats. Perform these three moves as a circuit with no rest between them. Start with five push-ups, one pull-up, and ten squats. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the course. Do this three times per week, slowly building up your reps as your strength increases.

The exercise routines that we’ve outlined here will take no longer than 30 minutes per day. Persevere with them, using the cue/reward system to ingrain them into your lifestyle. The effort will pay off in a stronger, more muscular, and healthier you.

Written by Steve T.
As well as being an author, Steve is experienced in helping people to reach their physical goals.


[1] Nauert R. Tips to Develop an Exercise Habit. 2018-08-08

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