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Forrestville, NSW Our People | Blooms The Chemist

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 24 Sep 2020

Forrestville, NSW Our People | Blooms The Chemist

Meet Mrs Margaret Jones: centenarian, camera enthusiast and Blooms The Chemist Forestville customer.

“I think the trick to living to 100 is not expecting too much, and a bit of good luck. It’s an amazing thing to be able to still live at home at my age.

I get support from the community; the Department of Veterans Affairs, they’re very good. And of course, I do all my shopping online and get it delivered. Plus, Blooms sends a delivery driver with all my medications all packaged ready for me. My doctor sends up the scripts and all I have to do is say to Eric “Can I have these scripts made up?’ and he delivers them, and I just pay at the door. So, it’s a wonderful service. When you get to 100 years old medication is a very important part of your life; I have arthritis and my eyesight’s not the best, and without having these things available I’d be up the… creek! I got a birthday card from Blooms when I turned 100 in December, because I’d written them a thank you card for their help. But it makes a difference, you know? It makes a real difference.

I’ve tried to live my life by considering other people; compassion, honesty. Leaving a future for our grandchildren and great grandchildren in other words looking after the planet. Just compassion, I think. Love and compassion

If I knew the secret to living to 100, I’d sell it! But I think it’s moderation, doing a little of everything, a little drink, a little naughtiness, eating sensibly. A little bit of fun, friendship, family, and love.”