Protect yourself from the flu with these 3 tips

Posted by Blooms The Chemist on 2 Apr 2024

Protect yourself from the flu with these 3 tips

Influenza (or the flu) is a seasonal infection that occurs during 'flu season', which is from April to September. As the flu is highly contagious and can cause severe illness, staying healthy during flu season means you can return to doing what you love faster.

Here are three ways to protect yourself from the flu.

1. Maintain your hygiene

By washing your hands regularly and maintaining good hygiene, such as covering your coughs and sneezes, you can help prevent the spread of the flu.

Other ways you can maintain your hygiene include 1:

  • Avoiding sharing cups, plates, cutlery and towels with other people
  • If you’re sick, throw your used tissues in the bin immediately
  • Avoiding large crowds, as the flu can spread quickly in confined spaces

2. Look after your health

Another way you can prevent getting the flu is by strengthening your immune system and looking after your health 2.

By choosing a healthy lifestyle, which includes sleeping at least seven to nine hours a night, eating a nutrient-rich diet and exercising regularly for at least 30 minutes three times a week, you're helping your body fight off infections and keeping your immune system strong.

This is because sleeping well keeps your immune system healthy. A lack of sleep can weaken your immune system and may leave you susceptible to infections, including the flu.

Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables gives your body the energy and nutrients it needs to function effectively. This is even more important when you're sick as fruits and vegetables are high in immune support vitamins such as vitamin C and E3 3.

Exercising three times a week is good for your brain health, strengthens your bones and muscles, and strengthens your body's natural defences against illness and infection 4.

3. Get your annual flu shot

This is one of the most effective ways to prevent getting the flu. The flu shot provides a high level of protection against the flu and can reduce your symptoms if you get sick.

However, just because you got vaccinated last year doesn't mean you'll be protected this flu season. The flu strain mutates yearly, and the flu shot is only effective for three to four months 1.

Stay safe this Winter and book your flu shot at your local Blooms The Chemist today. 

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